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I would like to start by saying thank you for your interest in my tattooing.  Whether we end up working together or not the interest is always flattering.

The purpose of this section is to help communicate what you can expect from me as an artist and what I expect of you as a client so this can be a positive experience for the both of us.  I work by appointment only and book three to four months out for most new projects.  All new projects will require a consultation.  The nature of the idea and your physical proximity to the shop will dictate whether we do the consult in person or if via e-mail is sufficient. 
If we end up moving forward I take a deposit to schedule the actual tattoo appointment.  the amount will depend on the scale of the project.

My hourly rate is $200 with a three hour minimum.  I generally like to work on medium to large sized pieces but if we end up working on a smaller piece together that won't take as much time I have a minimum of $400.
Deposits will vary based on the size of the project.  Generally single session tattoos are a $200 deposit.  Two to three session pieces are $400 and larger multi-session projects are $600.  All deposits are non-refundable and will be applied to the final session of the tattoo.

I do all of my communication about tattoos via my e-mail,  I have social media but beyond uploading artwork I rarely pick it up, I will never see messages there.

You can find more information about deposits, reschedules and cancellations in the policies section of the site.



Types of projects I like to work on.

I have been doing this for a very long time and my selection process for the projects I take on is subjective at best.  Some ideas are interesting to me artistically or otherwise and some just aren't.  If we don't end up working together it isn't personal, I just might not feel that I'm the right artist for what you are trying to achieve.  If that is the case I will do my best to point you in the direction of some one that I think would be a good fit.

I generally like to work on medium to large color tattoos but I enjoy the occasional black and grey or just black work project if it suites the design.  I've always been into pen and ink drawing as well as concept art so I like to incorporate elements from those influences into my work while still employing tried and true tattoo elements and structure.  I enjoy using a lot of heavy varying line weights as well as illustrative contour lines.  Because my work is very line heavy I gravitate towards more graphic and illustrative ideas.

I try not to limit myself to certain subject matter and I always enjoy hearing people's ideas.  I appreciate pieces that have a voice or hide subversive messages and I also enjoy tattoos that are just tattoos for aesthetics sake.
I like most ideas if they carry some surreal subject matter or strange design element.  I also really enjoy doing pop culture type designs, subject matter and even straight character reproduction... if it's something that I'm into, super objective I know. 
Because I use a lot of lines I like larger bold limited element designs.  What I mean by that is I like designs that have one or two major focal points and a supporting element or two so it doesn't become cluttered and hard to read.
Things I'm usually always game for: skulls and bones, animal portraits, the occasional human portrait, moths and other strange insects, the occult, anything cats, human animal morph type things, things with tentacles ... what else, oh yeah, go Team Venture.
Things I'm not into: Small walk-in type pieces like lettering or little simple pinterest designs.  Finishing or redoing an existing piece or filling in strange gaps between existing pieces.

I'm picky about the projects that I take on because if we do work together I want to be all the way into it so I can give you the best tattoo I can.

If you would like to schedule a consult you can e-mail me at or use the submission form in the Consultation Request section of the site.