Deposits are non refundable and non transferable. 
If you need to reschedule I ask for at least two weeks notice.  I don't like having to be a jerk about deposits and I'm a patient person.  If you have to reschedule with less notice we can definitely have a conversation and I'll probably be cool about it, life happens.  However, if reschedules become habitual or if you simply no call no show me your deposit will be forfeit and another will be required to reschedule.  In some cases I may choose not to reschedule you at all.
On the reverse I will always do everything within my power to keep appointment times.  If I need to reschedule I will attempt to do so with ample notice.  In the rare occurrence that I have a sickness or emergency I ask for your patience in return.

Your Deposit is to hold your appointment time to get tattooed and ensure that if you don't get tattooed I'm compensated for said time.  If for whatever reason you don't end up getting tattooed you have not purchased and have no claim to the finished artwork or any other part of it.

Some times I just can't get my head around an idea no matter how interesting it is.  If for some reason I end up not being comfortable with a project after the design process has started and decide to step away I will refund your whole deposit. 

design process

For smaller and medium pieces I usually do all of the drawing a night or two before the appointment and don't send out designs.  We can easily make any changes at the appointment.
For larger projects I might send early loose renderings if there are questions about layout or subject matter.  Same as above though, I don't send out finished designs before the appointment.

I want your input, it is after all your tattoo!  Along with input I also need your trust in my knowledge, experience and ability as an artist.  I do my best to listen and I want to create your vision.  However, there are a lot of considerations when designing any composition and tattoos have the added challenge of odd shapes and articulation.  Some times what you have in your head simply does not translate into a clean lasting tattoo and you need to trust my decisions.

Some projects don't require refined drawings, some stencils are chaos and don't look like anything and some times I might draw things directly on your skin.  In these cases you really won't see anything worth looking at before we tattoo.  Once again I just need you to trust that I have a method and I want the best results possible.


touch ups

I guarantee the quality of my work and offer free touch ups within six months of the tattoo if they are needed due to the application process.  This includes small holes in solid color areas, light spots, noticeable unintended fluctuations in color or broken shaky lines.
If your touch ups are needed due to obvious mistreatment during the healing process I may not offer the touch up free of charge.  I limit the window to six months because after that point it becomes increasingly difficult to match colors and tones due to aging and settling.
Tattoos fade over time, it is just a thing that happens.  Free touch up doesn't mean I'm going to completely redo your tattoo every few years because natural aging has occurred.


shop policies

I work at Studio Arcanum which is a shared work space for myself and a handful of other artists.  These are the studio policies.

° You must be eighteen or older to get tattooed, no exceptions, not ever.

° For safety issues as well as our commitment to creating a relaxed adult environment we ask that you do not bring your small children or infants into the studio.

° No animals, sorry.  We love them too but they have no place here and create sanitation and safety issues.

° It's okay to bring a drink and small snack to your appointment, we encourage it, but please don't bring full meals, messy stuff or smelly food.  This is an art studio not a cafeteria.  Please have the common courtesy to clean up after yourself.

° No drunks, no junkies, no assholes, indoor voices only

° You are a guest in our studio.  Please be respectful of us, our space and other clients.  We like our quiet gallery setting, please do not act like you are at a bar, party or your house.
Same thing applies to any friends you might bring along.  They are more than welcome but if they become a distraction or annoyance they will be asked to leave.

° Tattoos hurt, we know, they hurt us too.  It isn't an excuse to be loud, obnoxious or rude.  Suck it up, you asked us to do this, throwing a fit won't make it any better.

Cell Phone Etiquette:
I can't believe that I even have to write this.  The following behavior is not only rude and annoying but down right distracting to us while we are trying to work.

°  Turn the thing on silent.  We have no interest in hearing your ring tone every two minutes for the entire tattoo process.

°  If you are going to listen to music, watch videos or play games have the common decency to use headphones.

°  Don't answer a call during the process... rude.  And definitely don't sit there and have a conversation... really rude.

°  If your vanity won't allow you to not take selfies try and sit still while you do it.  Every time you jerk your arm up you interrupt the tattoo process.